Friday, December 30, 2011

Kabaya Saku Saku Panda Biscuit Snack


Sorry for the delay between postings folks...many days of 12 hour shifts with lots of physical activity makes you WANT TO DIE and subsequently not blog. I did eat some Japanese snacks however, and that slightly brightened the week.

Today we have possibly the longest named snack yet, Kabaya's Saku Saku Panda biscuit snack. The packaging is adorable, of course I bought it. I believe they were $2.79 at Mitsuwa.

The back is more of the shows how there is chocolate on one side and biscuit on the other. The Japanese are really fond of the biscuit/chocolate combo I find. There must be a million different shapes and flavors of relatively the same theme.

I like the different Panda faces...I really wanted the one with the scared frowning face but I mostly got the one making the O mouth. There were 8 biscuits in total and the serving size is the whole box at 160 kcals. Really not a good deal if you think about it but I made 2 servings of it so it seemed less of a rip off.

Another great example of the Japanese attention to detail. How may American cereals/cookies/crackers come with comics printed on the bag inside the box? None I can recall. This basically recounts the epic tail of Mr. Detective Saku Panda and his junior detective finding the clue of footprints and discovering how delicious the foot prints are...okay...

The biscuits are in the same vein of other like snacks. The chocolate is pretty good quality and the biscuits crunchy and not overly sweet (which I like since a sweet biscuit with chocolate can be too much). Would I buy them again? Maybe...there are SO many other snacks that are similar I would likely pick up something else with less white chocolate.

Good night!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pokemon Message Gum


I'll admit it- I like Pokemon. It all started with Pokemon Red in middle school and it's had a soft spot in my heart ever since. Pokemon combined with a prize inside candy is instant win in my world and so I grabbed this at Mitsuwa for under $2.

It's a thin little cardboard pouch and I'll assume the major draw are the cards since there is one pack of gum inside. The front has Pikachu (of course), Zekrom and Reshiram. The little blurb under the cards presses the point that the images are examples and not necessarily what you'll get (duh).

The back is much the same...with the same blurb. It makes me wonder if they had some crazy fans or parents calling and complaining since they didn't get EXACTLY what was on their package of gum.

(The back is much better!)

The cards I got were Dewott and Panpour. This sucks- I hate both of them. Dewott looks retarded and those stupid elemental monkeys are awful. Maybe I'll call and complain to the gum company that I didn't get a Sandile or Pikachu card since that's what was on the package.

The gum itself is actually divided in half so I suppose it's 2 servings. When I tasted it i thought it was just a generic fruity flavor but the back of the package enlightened me to the fact that it's apple. It definatey wasn't bad! I don't love fake apple flavors too often but I didn't mind this at all. Like most gums for kids though, the flavor was gone after about 2 minutes of chewing.

In any case, I actually really enjoyed this product. I love getting little promotional things, and I definately make choices based on that (I am totally a sucker )= ). This was not too expensive and the quality of the packaging and promo items were high. I suppose the only issue I have is that I can't figure out what to do with the cards! Since they are card stock and size but have lines I don't know if they are stationary or just a collectible card!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Choco-corn Snack


I have to apologize for this one...or I don't. I don't really know. This snack is actually Korean although it is sold in Japan...and there's plenty of Japanese on the package to prove it! This was purchased at Mitsuwa for $2 and change.

I have some rhyme and reason for why I pick the snacks I do...I like certain flavors, companies, it's odd, etc. But I am certainly at fault for buying things based on the package. That little corn dude was practically shouting at me. If he thinks eating a product made of himself is delicious, then I have no choice but to think so too.

The name of the product isn't very creative...Choco-corn. The english label on the back says it's "Chococorn union". I don't get the "Union" part...either I missed it on the package or perhaps it's the company. The corn guy is actually saying something in Korean ,translated into katakana. I think it's "Mashinyo" but I always get katakana "so" and "n" messed up so it may be "Mashisoyo". The blurb on the back explains that that phrase means "oishii" in Japanese or delicious. Japanese lesson of the day- katakana is for any foreign name, city names, etc. Since Korean is a foreign language their phrases get the same treatment as seeing something say "Merry Christmas" in Japanese.

Now, I'm not going to sugar coat this- the product looks like a pile of dog poo. I was actually expecting like a big Cocoa Puff. My first bite I was kind of "meh" about it. It tasted like a cheese puff but with chocolate instead of cheese food. The second piece hooked me though- it's chocolately, crunchy and melts in your mouth after a second. I could definitely eat a ton of these. Honestly, they are not bad for you either. 1/2 the bag is 180 cals and there are a TON in there. After maybe 10 I could consider myself finished for the sitting and it was maybe 1/4 of the bag.

If snacks were like this in America, it'd be a ton easier to forgo the Chips Ahoy and ice cream.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Xylish Fresh Lemon Gum


You know those impulse buys near the check out lines at stores? This was the result. You know how impulse buys aren't always thought out and well...good? Yea, this was one of those buys.

I was foolishly drawn my the Meiji brand...the promise of "fresh lemon" and the $1.99 pricetag...actually those aren't foolish BUT it did not live up to its expectations for sure.

(Shiny things are really hard to photograph!)

As with Meiji's other gum products, this was packaged exceedingly well. The little rectangular carton has a "drawer" which keeps the product from getting too squished in bags, etc. Each of the dozen pieces of gum are wrapped in little foil pockets. The little crosses on the outside I suppose are to show that it's healthy since it's sugar free.

The outside of the gun is coated with a candy shell and the gum itself is very soft. The taste is like a nasty lemon cough drop. It is VERY reminiscent of medication rather than enjoyable piece of gum.

Now I like lemon a lot, I have been known to eat just lemons and other sour food substances but I could only hold out about 5 seconds before spitting it out.

Sorry Meiji but this is the first time your product has failed me!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Crackers


I am a huge fan of all things Disney and so anything that's Disney AND a Japanese snack is an immediate buy in my book. I picked up these Morinaga chocolate filled crackers at Mitsuwa a couple weeks ago.

This filled cracker thing is kinda popular...I see them all over the Japanese snack asiles. I've definately had things like this before and they are always pretty good if nothing super special. They are crunchy and slightly sweet on the outside with a soft milk chocolate filling. They are a nice alternative to your everyday cookie and a lot more portable. They are also not bad on the calorie side. 1/2 the package is 100kcals, so split up the bag into 2 and you've got a nice little snack (a lot better than those 100cal snack packs with like...cookie crisp things you find in America. Those just TASTE like unfulfilling diet "treats".)

These particular crackers have Disney characters stamped on the top. The interior of the box shows you all the possible characters you may see. There are some REALLY obscure characters which I find hilarious. Where do you find snack food with the prince from Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid showcased on it? No where in the US that I've seen anyway! I unfortunately did not get anyone super special...just an inordinate amount of Poohs.

With all the other options out there I likely won't purchase a box of these for a little while. They aren't bad by any means but a little generic.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips


Potato chips are something I normally don't purchase. Not that I don't like them, but they're like french fries in that if they are around, I will consume them all at once. My husband actually picked this up at Mitsuwa and I was very proud since he picked a not very common flavor- seaweed & salt.

(If they seriously consider this bag "Mega" than I am sure the Japanese would be amazed/horrified since this is pretty much the size of the "grab bag" Lays at convenience stores)

I was a little concerned with all the english on the package (minus the kana which simply say potato chips and "norishio" or seaweed), the whole back was in English and it says 'imported from Hong Kong'. However, Calbee is indeed a Japanese company and you can even find their "Saya-endo" snow prea crisps in the salad topping section of most American supermarkets that I've been in.

I've had Calbee chips before and they are typically good if not remarkable. I can say the same for this flavor. It's good but I would have no idea it was seaweed if the package did not say so. Besides ingrediants such as "bonito flakes" and "powder cod roe", the most I got from it was a hint of that intangible umami sensation.

On a side note, one time, long before I consistently enjoyed Japanese snacks, I tried a Frito Lay concoction from Japan called R=Restricted. It's logo was a spy silhouette from what I recall. It was also the most amazing chip I've every had in my life. Ever. Simply it was like a Cheeto with wasabi powder rather than cheese-food but it was oh so much more- it was an epiphany. Since then I've searched everywhere for it but even the vast internet proves dry. If anyone ever comes across it, I will be forever grateful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meiji Chocolate Mint Gum


Happy almost Thanksgiving!

This week I tried something INCREDIBLE. (I reserve caps only for the most exciting of situations- so be prepared).

Meiji Chocolate Mint Gum.

Yes that's right. Chocolate mint gum. Now, I don't know who doesn't like those flavors to begin with, but in a lasting gum form from Meiji? Heavenly. Now, my curiousity was certainly peaked when I saw the package but often when I have chocolate flavored things that aren't actually chocolate, they taste more like Tootsie Rolls. I couldn't be more wrong.

The package describes the outer layer as chocolate mint soft candy and the inside as chocolate gum. However, it tastes like a chocolate mint mind-blowing explosion of every yummy York peppermint patty/Lindt ball/Ghiardelli square TRUFFLE ever in your mouth. I could not believe I was chewing gum and not an actual candy. This is some Willy Wonka magic, my friends. I cannot express to you enough how blown away I was by this gum.

(Your mind will not be able to comprehend the fact that this is not a fancy truffle for a few seconds FYI)

Now, I don't really endorse any website in particular to purchase treats from since I purchase all of mine in a physical store but this is the only place I found it on the internets.

This particular treat I purchased outside my usual haunts. I took a great overnight trip to Brooklyn/Manhattan and buzzed by a few of the Japanese convenience stores near Bryant Park, in particular a newer one called Sunrise Mart. I believe it was only $1.49, which was surprising!

Have a safe holiday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spaghetti Sandwhich


Not a full post but I couldn't wait to tell you all about the spaghetti sandwich I had today at Mitsuwa. Whenever I go for a meal, I typically get something really Japanese-y of course...unagi-don, soba, etc etc. However, there is a stall there called Italian Tomato which has the Japanese-fied version of some of your Italian favorites. Spaghetti with cod roe, spaghetti with eggs, you know normal Italian/Italian American specialties. I've always been curious about the Japanese interpretations of dishes familiar to me and so I begrudgingly walked past the ramen noodle and yakisoba stalls to pick up something funky. Italian Tomato was really really crowded so I settled for a roll filled with spaghetti and sauce from the bakery next door, St. Honore.

Now, who the heck goes- "You know what would be great? A starchy roll filled with starchy noodles covered in tomato sauce- awesome.". I have no idea what possesses someone to 1. do that and 2. eat it often enough to make it a fairly popular dish.

The result? It tastes EXACTLY what you think a roll filled wth mass produced spaghetti and sauce would taste like. It wasn't awful or anything but it was odd and I got about 3/4 of the way through before abandoning it for my delicious UFO (like a...sweet roll which some cream in the center and a cruncy sweet topping- delicious but does not remind me of UFOs at all).

Mitsuwa trip= some really good posts on the way!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Meiji Praline & Macadamia Cookie


I will make no secret of my love for Meiji products. One of my first Japanese snacks was Meiji's mushroom shaped chocolates. They were chocolate, crunchy biscuits...I was in love. However, Meiji products' quality reflects in the price and I am incredibly cheap. On my last trip to Asian Food Market I was pleasantly surprised to see these Meiji chocolates on sale, it was in my basket nigh immediately.

They are a praline flavored treat and consist of a nutty biscuit covered with a cone (acorn shaped?) of white and milk chocolate. They were delicious, of course. The biscuit is a touch salty which pairs great with the chocolate covering it. I was also impressed with the fact they use sugar and a small list of ingredients instead of like 50 chemicals. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel like that may be part of the reason they taste so good. I could definitely each a ton of these in a sitting.

Now, I paid $1.98 for them on sale and they are normally $3.99. There are only 8 individually wrapped treats in the box which is awful on the value front. However, it's certainly quality over quantity for this product.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coris Ramune Whistle Candy


Whew been a buuuuuusy week but nothing a few neat snacks can't help. Today I tried Coris brand's Ramune Whistle Candy. This particular flavor is mixed fruit though it comes in a standard ramune flavor.

I'm not going to lie to you folks...sometimes I pick a snack for it's quirkiness or because I like a certain flavor, but I picked up this pack of candy because I really wanted to know what was in the little box. I miss that about American snacks and cool prizes come in anything anymore (I'm looking at you Cracker Jacks). We'll get to the box in a bit...

(Omachabako!- I don't actually know what that means though- sorry!)

There are 8 candy pieces in the pack and they are a pretty nice size apiece. The flavor is a generic fruity flavor which is fine. The surprise with these guys is that they melt in your mouth after about 20 seconds. I mean really melt, like hard candy one second and chalk the next. It was ok, I was not too into the texture once they melted.

It is actually called whistle candy for a reason. If you blow through the hole, it does make a whistling sound- kinda cool!

NOW the box....

A little blue top! I was a little disappointed at first, it seems a little cheap (I guess it's a $1.59 imported candy but whatever) but it is actually a really good top. Buying this for the surprise was assuredly the best decision I made that day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Power Squash


We've got a great drink here today! I knew as soon as I saw Power Squash soft drink that I would be trying it out. How could you not be charmed by the Dragon Ball Kai characters showing off their power on the can? This stuff must be magic.

I'm not really knowledgeable on anything Dragon Ball so I'll be hard pressed to give you character names but there were three different can designs that I could see. I picked this one since I'm pretty sure he's the main character.

Another reason I bought this is because Pokka is a pretty good beverage company. I routinely purchase their cans of unsweetened green tea.

Upon further inspection of the can at home I figured it was an energy drink since it boasts various B vitamins and is well...called Power Squash. The taste confirms that. The highlighter yellow liquid is carbonated and tastes like some radioactive combination of bubble gum, cotton candy and other chemicals that are most certainly not conceived by mother Earth. According to a friend of mine it tastes a bit like Monster energy drink but worse. I'm by no means a connosseur of energy drinks (I think they'd make my heart explode) so I'll take her word on it.

This can was expensive- $2.99, which I suppose for an energy drink imported from Japan, it's not that bad. It's cool and gimmicky with the Dragon Ball characters (and by Jove, I love gimmicky things) but I would not purchase it again.

I got a comment asking where one could find this beverage and I actually came across an online shop. Now, I have not ordered from his site so I in no way endorsing it but they do actually have it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Befco Bakauke Cheese Crackers

Aaanndd.....we're back! My heart leapt with joy and the sight of the light blinking on my router this morning.

I have seen the little characters of Befco's Bakauke crackers before but this is the first time I've picked them up. These crackers are called senbei, which are a Japanese rice cracker. I've had senbei before and I've never really like them- they are sort of flavorless and plastic-y and so I was interested in trying this popular brand to challenge my prejudice.

While there are many flavors of these crackers, I decided to stick with cheese to be safe. The package boasts there are five cheese flavors in the senbei including emmental (swiss), cheddar, gouda, camembert (lol...fancy..) and edam (I had to search for this one...the katakana says "edamu" and I was like o.O what is that?!'s something called edam which I've never heard of).

FYI...the little banana looking guys are senbei boyfriend and girlfriend Barin (girl) and Borin (boy). ALSO the back says Befco stands for Beika Frontier Company WOW (sorta reminds me of Nabisco...National Biscuit Company)

There are two senbei per package and 9 packages in the bag. They are packed nicely with a plastic tray which resulted in only a few packages being cracked. These beauties cost me $2.99 at Asian Food Market.

The designs on them are traditional-looking Barins and Borins in some Shinto-looking garb. They're actually kinda cool.

On the positive side...they are very low in calories for snack food, only 44.9 kcals per 2 cracker package. On the negative side...they still taste awful. There is still the plastic texture and flavor but with a emmental/gouda/cheddar/camembert/edam after flavor. Anyone want the rest? I think I will be tossing them...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Source!

I am still without consistent access to the world (aside from work...shhhh...) so I figured, instead of making you wait and suffer I'd talk about where I find my Japanese snacks.

My main haunt is "Asian Food Market" (creative, eh?) in North Plainfield NJ. It's the size of a regular super market and is filled with equally awesome as frightning foods.

When you're not there for Japanese snacks they have a wide array of delicious buns and fresh fish in tanks (don't worry- they chop off the head for you)

They really do have an extensive variety of snacks, drinks, ramen, spices, etc from Japan. A lot of their stock is from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other various asian countries.

My not-as-common source is Mitsuwa in Edgwater, NJ. It's not nearly as close but it is 100% Japanese. This place is the be all end all for anyone interested in Japanese foods and products in America. When you first enter there is a small marketplace of food stalls and vendors. The other half is the supermarket. Outside of the main building there are a few stores including a Japanese bookstore, hobby shop and cosmetic store. The hobby shop (I don't know what else to call's full of toys and housewares) has futons and things expressly unique to Japan.

This place is incredible and worth the trip on occasion. Nothing is better than eating authentic soba, overlooking Manhattan with a few melon pan in your shopping bag.

If anyone seems interested I will do a little more in-depth exploration of Mitsuwa in the future.

Hopefully, we'll be back on topic ASAP!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We will resume shortly...

Playful spooks have interrupted our normal blog postings...

Due to the suuuuper destructive snowstorm I've been without power/internet for a few days. Power is back...but I don't know when I will have consistent internet (no more than a couple of days, please Comcast?). I've already got some snacks sampled and photos prepped so expect some great posts soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kabaya Nameraka Pudding Chocolate


I recieved this from a friend a little while ago and have been slowly consuming them. This particular package came from Mitsuwa, a Japanese market across the Hudson from Manhatten. I beleive there's a Mitsuwa in California somewhere also. This place is like heaven for anyone interested in Japanese foods.

ANYWAY, this candy from Kabaya comes in a cute little cardboard box and contains 8 individually wrapped "purin choco". I imagine I'd be a little disappointed if I paid for it since there's not too much to consume.

The little chart listed the top as caramel choco, the outer shell as custard choco and the filling as vanilla bean custard. (In Japanese you typically just say choco not chocolate).

I love the little hippo character, I've seen older designs for this package and nothing is quite as cute. The inside contains a little comic! Apparently the hippo and bird are teaching you the Nameraka purin dance and song...and then the hippo farts...I'm not kidding!
I didn't really understand the one on the inside...something about the hippo making the pudding on his head larger, then falling asleep.

The little packages are super cute and detailed too!

The candy itself is all right. It's more sweet and vanilla-y to me than it reminds me of caramel flan. There isn't too much difference in texture between the outer chocolate and the filling. I don't know that I would buy them but they are really different and novel. The packaging is top notch!

Since I was too lazy before work to go buy some snacks yesterday- I will be going today!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Pocky @ Asian Food Grocer

Can't find pumpkin Pocky at your local Asian Food Market?
Thinking about picking up a few things to review today...stay tuned!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Pocky


Just in time for Halloween, I found this great "sweet pumpkin" flavored Pocky. It's kind of a hit-or-miss find in the States. I saw it a few years ago and it disappeared for a while- I was shocked when I saw it on the shelves this time around!

This box is small, sort of like the strawberry Pocky ones I often see. The hiragana says "sweet pumpkin".

The back is great- there's a weird little comic about the pumpkin fairy changing the Panda into pumpkin color with her magic Pocky wand...or something like that.

(po-ki po-ki po-ki-- ieeei!)

She's even on the foil package! They really go all out for the seasonal flavors...standard issue Pocky is not nearly as awesome.

The sticks are the same as normal Pocky but the pumpkin coating is a great flavor. It is similar to pumpkin ice cream more than anything. It's very sweet and pumpkin-y but low on the pumpkin spice scale. I typically don't like flavors that are white chocolate based, there's something too artificial about it but this flavor is something I would shell out the $2.49 for each season.