Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kabaya Nameraka Pudding Chocolate


I recieved this from a friend a little while ago and have been slowly consuming them. This particular package came from Mitsuwa, a Japanese market across the Hudson from Manhatten. I beleive there's a Mitsuwa in California somewhere also. This place is like heaven for anyone interested in Japanese foods.

ANYWAY, this candy from Kabaya comes in a cute little cardboard box and contains 8 individually wrapped "purin choco". I imagine I'd be a little disappointed if I paid for it since there's not too much to consume.

The little chart listed the top as caramel choco, the outer shell as custard choco and the filling as vanilla bean custard. (In Japanese you typically just say choco not chocolate).

I love the little hippo character, I've seen older designs for this package and nothing is quite as cute. The inside contains a little comic! Apparently the hippo and bird are teaching you the Nameraka purin dance and song...and then the hippo farts...I'm not kidding!
I didn't really understand the one on the inside...something about the hippo making the pudding on his head larger, then falling asleep.

The little packages are super cute and detailed too!

The candy itself is all right. It's more sweet and vanilla-y to me than it reminds me of caramel flan. There isn't too much difference in texture between the outer chocolate and the filling. I don't know that I would buy them but they are really different and novel. The packaging is top notch!

Since I was too lazy before work to go buy some snacks yesterday- I will be going today!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Pocky @ Asian Food Grocer

Can't find pumpkin Pocky at your local Asian Food Market?
Thinking about picking up a few things to review today...stay tuned!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Pocky


Just in time for Halloween, I found this great "sweet pumpkin" flavored Pocky. It's kind of a hit-or-miss find in the States. I saw it a few years ago and it disappeared for a while- I was shocked when I saw it on the shelves this time around!

This box is small, sort of like the strawberry Pocky ones I often see. The hiragana says "sweet pumpkin".

The back is great- there's a weird little comic about the pumpkin fairy changing the Panda into pumpkin color with her magic Pocky wand...or something like that.

(po-ki po-ki po-ki-- ieeei!)

She's even on the foil package! They really go all out for the seasonal flavors...standard issue Pocky is not nearly as awesome.

The sticks are the same as normal Pocky but the pumpkin coating is a great flavor. It is similar to pumpkin ice cream more than anything. It's very sweet and pumpkin-y but low on the pumpkin spice scale. I typically don't like flavors that are white chocolate based, there's something too artificial about it but this flavor is something I would shell out the $2.49 for each season.