Friday, April 20, 2012

Edo Pack Strawberry Chocolates


I'm still sans camera at the moment, hence the lack of updates. I've got a good one picked out but it'll likely be another month before finances come together to make it happen.

For now, I will still be using images from the web to show you the treats I've been testing. Despite my terrible photography, I know the stock images are more boring- sorry!!

(photo taken from a Korean website which was selling the product)

A week ago, I tried out Edo Pack's strawberry treats. They were on sale at Asian Food Market for $1.99. There are about 30 or so little individually wrapped chocolate treats in the box. I like the way it is packaged, it makes it feel like a fancier chocolate than it really is!

The treat itself was surprisingly good! Aside from the pleasant strawberry/milk chocolate flavor, there were no obnoxiously colored fillers! Many times, these sort of treats have that clearly fake pink filling. Any time I can get a treat with a little less chemical intervention, I'm happy. I did not see other flavors available, but if I come across them one day I would certainly give them a shot.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pucca Sweet Potato


Sorry for the delay! I actually cannot find my camera...for the time being I will be using relevant photos from other sites (with credit of course). Wish me luck on the camera hunt...

Pucca is a classic Japanese Snack. It was actually among my first forays into the genre, probably 8+ years ago. Pucca are little fish and sea creature shaped pretzels filled with some flavor of chocolate. I've only had the milk chocolate filled previous to this, and it's a good solid treat. I'm not as a crazy into pretzel and chocolate as much as the rest of the world seems to be, but I enjoyed them.

(From Kaboodle)

When I noticed this flavor was sweet potato, I knew I'd be giving them another try. The snack is packaged very well and similiar to other chocolate/cracker combos I've had. The cardboard box protects the treats in the foil pack and not a single one was broken. Granted, the packaging is a little over the top but I appreciate it.

The pretzel portion was a lot less pretzel-y than I remembered. While the basic texture and flavor was there, there was no salt. The "sweet potato" chocolate was extremely sweet. I almost didn't get a hint of the sweet potato itself, but it was there mildly. Since sweet potato is a weird flavor, I suppose I felt it tasted the same as really sweet pumpkin chocolate.

It was worth a shot and it did not bad, though unremarkable. The package was $2.49 at Mitsuwa. Speaking of Mitsuwa, I visited a few days ago and it must be sweet potato season in Japan or at least the store itself was into it. They had a big stall with all sorts of treats made from Shibuya sweet potatoes in addition to good sales on yams. Always interesting!