Saturday, July 28, 2012

Glico Caramel Soft Candy


If you have read a few of my blog posts, you may be able to tell why I picked this Japanese snack out. I could tell you that it's the first candy that Glico, popular mostly for their Pocky products, made or I could simply say I was in an Olympic-inspired mood. However, those are blatantly incorrect...I really wanted to see what cute little wooden toy I would get. Can you really blame me? Not only is there the promise of a prize, it's WOOD...not a cheap little plastic top.

Look at all of the possibilities! And yet...I got the lamest of them. My little prize box contained a "face puzzle". I can't even really figure out what to do with the 4 wood squares. I understand the eyes but not the triangles.


Despite the let down, there are other interesting things about this snack. According to a little research...Mr. Riichi Ezaki was inspired by a seaside town whose children seemed very fit due the the large amount of oysters in their diet. By adding glycogen from oysters, he aimed to create a healthier treat.

(Under ingredients it lists "oyster extract")


There are only four individually wrapped caramels in the second box but I wasn't really buying it for the candy itself. The caramels are rich and chewy and have a sort of citrus note to them. I really enjoyed them! Don't worry, there are no oyster notes. The whole box was $2.99 and 64kcals. All in all, I would purchase these again. They appear to have different prizes occasionally and I will happily try again for something less lame.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sanko Cheese Kibun Senbei


I've finally gotten enough willpower mustered to try another senbei. Senbei are Japanese rice crackers that are, in my opinion, very plastic-y and flavorless. You can see my review of Befco's Bakauke cheese senbei here.

I don't exactly know what prompted me to purchase these Sanko senbei...fate, perhaps? I found them for $3.69 at Asian Food Market. They really are very good for you for a salty snack food....only 35 kcals for a pack of 2!

Now the name gets me...I'm absolutely NOT fluent in Japanese despite my years of study in college but by my calculations kibun means mood or feeling. I can only assume this product should be translated as Sanko's "cheese feeling" flavored senbei. Awesome.


They are packaged quite well, a couple of individual senbei were cracked but not many.


Now on to the taste...I don't know that I've completely overcome my distaste for senbei but these were not bad! The texture was crunchier than Befco's senbei but thinner, which resulted in a more satisfying chip-like feel (kibun maybe?). The cheese was your typical fake cheese flavor but not terrible. I'm not sure I'd purchase a whole bag again but these will certainly be a valid replacement for other salty snacks until they run out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Amehama Soft Green Tea Candy


In addition to Japanese treats and confections, I am a huge fan of tea. I take up way more shelving in my kitchen than I should for tea, mugs, mesh tea balls and whatnot. I must have had green tea flavored treats in the is a pretty common flavor in Japanese chocolates and sweets,  but I cannot recall any specifics. I decided to spend a little bit more ($3.49) at Asian Food Market for a bag of soft green tea candies.

Matcha (it would be spelled maccha if you translated it exactly, but I often see it spelled matcha in English) is a very fine, high quality powdered green tea. If you drink a matcha, you mix a small amount of the powder directly into the hot water. The kanji on the front of this bag says that the flavor is matcha, not just a normal green tea flavor.


I love how the Japanese use diagrams to explain their candies....the outside is described as matcha powder and the inside a matcha milk candy.

The candies come individually wrapped and sport the kanji for matcha as well as "soft" spelled out in katakana.

The candy is much as described in the diagram. The outside is the bitter raw matcha and the inside is a slightly sweet chewy candy. I liked the candy, though I'm not sure that I loved it. I like green tea and this candy tasted just like it. The problem I suppose is I can't figure out the appropriate time to consume this candy. It's not sweet enough to dampen your sweet's tasty but not satisfying.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meiji Pokemon Chocolate


I like Pokemon...I know, I know, I'm a professional young woman but I was raised right and I played Pokemon Red for more hours than I should have. I lost interest, however, and did not pick the games back up until Diamond. I've always had a soft spot for candy and snacks that feature the characters and it's not so difficult to figure out why I picked this up during my last Mitsuwa trip. That, and it was only $.69....and it's made by Meiji.

The chocolate is tiny, maybe 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. It's perfect for that chocolate craving when you don't want to be tempted to indulge too much. The packaging is bright and fun and features Tepig and Axew. I had to look up the latter seems rather obscure to feature on the chocolate.


Even the back is cute with Pikachu popping up!

Tepig was featured on my particular chocolate but I'm lead to believe there are 7 different characters possibilities by the text on the front. The image is very clear and well molded! The chocolate was good quality. It met my expectations as a Meiji brand product. I'm not a huge milk chocolate fan (I prefer dark!) but this was a fun little treat.