Saturday, July 28, 2012

Glico Caramel Soft Candy


If you have read a few of my blog posts, you may be able to tell why I picked this Japanese snack out. I could tell you that it's the first candy that Glico, popular mostly for their Pocky products, made or I could simply say I was in an Olympic-inspired mood. However, those are blatantly incorrect...I really wanted to see what cute little wooden toy I would get. Can you really blame me? Not only is there the promise of a prize, it's WOOD...not a cheap little plastic top.

Look at all of the possibilities! And yet...I got the lamest of them. My little prize box contained a "face puzzle". I can't even really figure out what to do with the 4 wood squares. I understand the eyes but not the triangles.


Despite the let down, there are other interesting things about this snack. According to a little research...Mr. Riichi Ezaki was inspired by a seaside town whose children seemed very fit due the the large amount of oysters in their diet. By adding glycogen from oysters, he aimed to create a healthier treat.

(Under ingredients it lists "oyster extract")


There are only four individually wrapped caramels in the second box but I wasn't really buying it for the candy itself. The caramels are rich and chewy and have a sort of citrus note to them. I really enjoyed them! Don't worry, there are no oyster notes. The whole box was $2.99 and 64kcals. All in all, I would purchase these again. They appear to have different prizes occasionally and I will happily try again for something less lame.

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