Saturday, June 8, 2013



While my love of Japanese snacks has not diminished, I fear my time as a blogger has. While it's been super fun to share my (terrible) photos and thoughts, my nearly 2 years of blogging has not culminated in the rousing success I had envisioned.

I may decide to pick it back up in the future, so for now I will thank those that have enjoyed the journey and claim an extended hiatus.

Ja mata ne~ see you again!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bourbon Petit Smokey Cheese Crackers


This is my 2nd attempt at Bourbon brand crackers. My 1st was the tomato chili variety which can be seen here. There are sweet and savory varieties of these crackers and I decided on the smokey cheese flavor. (No particular reason- the image of the cheese on fire was kind of neat) I picked these up at Mitsuwa for $1.99 on my last visit.

The packaging is still impressive. I had not a single broken cracker.

The crackers, despite being savory and of the same brand, are very different than my last go-around. The tomato chili flavor was like a typical flour cracker- the smokey cheese flavor was rice based, more like a senbei. My opinion on senbei is mixed and so I was surprised and mildly disappointed. However, the texture was softer than my past senbei experiences and the flavor tasty, if not remarkable. I am always thrilled when something is different than my expectations. I don't think I'd purchase this flavor again but it was not terrible.