Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bourbon Tomato Chili Crackers


With a basket full of sweet things at Mitsuwa, I decided I should try a savory flavor when I saw the display of Bourbon's crackers. It kind of amuses me when I see a name like Bourbon- where did that come from? This is a Japanese company that makes cookies and crackers yet they are named after an American whiskey. Heh...

As you can see, there are a TON of flavors of these crackers and at under $2, it was an easy choice.

The packaging is great, once again. The little plastic tubes really protect the product and so, depite coming all the way from Japan, not a one is broken. There are 2 servings in the tube at 130kcals each, which is similar to your average Wheat Thins serving.

Now, I'm kinda torn on the flavor. I didn't get chili at all at first. After consuming maybe like 10 crackers, I could taste a whisper of spice. The tomato hits you in the face when you first eat it. It's similar to the tomato flavor of a mass-produced generic marinara sauce in powder form. Not disgusting but a little too tomato-y to be natural. After the first cracker, it seemed less potent and little more savory and I certainly enjoyed the following crackers more than the first. I would not get this flavor again but the texture of the cracker was good as was the value and so I may pick up some of their other varieties.

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