Friday, May 3, 2013

Tohato Habanero Spicy Pizza Potato Sticks


I picked up this bag of Tohato Habanero Spicy Pizza Potato Sticks on my last trip to Mistuwa for $2.69. How is one not charmed by the angry demon pepper or the promise of habanero pizza?

I appreciate the spice scale on the front of the bag. I'll warn you right away that it is inaccurate. I really do love the bag's design. The Italian colors and pepper make it fun!

Demon pepper makes another appearance on the back of the bag talking about the spiciness and deliciousness of what is inside. I like how emphasizes the pizza aspect with the tray and soda. Classy, demon pepper, very classy.

The bag has a fair amount of product. However, the snack itself was less than impressive. The sticks tasted oily and only after consuming a few did I get a semblance of spice. The spice scale should have been zero. The pizza part was barely there with a slight cheesy flavor. I would probably be happy to try another flavor before I write off this line of snacks from Tohato.

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